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The year is 2016. One year Prior, XCOM had thwarted an alien attack on Earth, and all was well. Losses not forgotten, people had begun to rebuild, to reclaim. However, soon, the Aliens left of Earth would begin to revolt, to fight back, under our noses. There are much more than anticipated, and too few of us... Yet under our noses, another faction was starting to form, something unconcieved, something that was not planned. The War has just begun...


XCOM: The global counter against extra-terrestial invasion, this project has more funds than anything else, and expertise to match anything

GANTZ: Unknown to anyone except those who are in it,they are pulled into some kind of game in which they fight Aliens, yet this is no game. You die, you lose your life. Simple.

EXHALT: A group of genetically modified humans, EXHALT strives for the Alien's victory, to ascend themselves into greater beings. Since their defeat, they had rebuilt their organization, in greater numbers.

Aliens: The main force attacking Earth, they will stop at nothing to conquer all. Since their defeat, the ones left behind were left without structure, without command. The only instinct was survival now... To contact the main fleet...

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