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Missions for XCOM will be posted here. Only eight people can sign up for one, any unfilled spots will be filled with NPCs.

What can you do here:
-Train(Increases a stat point, but at the cost of being unavailable for missions for a week, and will be caught unaware without equipment.)

-Weapons Training(When the weapons are bumped up a tier, [conventional-->beam] soldiers must undergo a five day training course, if they want to use it. Soldier takes an INT score each day for a possible instant learn.)

-Research(Speeds up research, depending on intellect stat.)

-Psionic Testing(Soldier is unaware of anything during a 10 day period. If a successful base assault occurs, and is still undergoing testing, user is considered M.I.A.)

-Psionic Training(Special training, only psionics are allowed to use. Unlocks one skill, takes one week to finish.)

-Rest(Soldier rests for a week, regains full HP, and removes all debuffs unless previously stated.)

TO DO AN ACTION, YOU MUST WRITE A POST TITLE, (Action, Name) EXAMPLE, [Rest, Admin] These can be interacted with by other players, and must have a small description of what the character is doing.

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